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Cooking as a Mindful Experience

Have you ever heard the word mindfulness? The NHS describes mindfulness as ‘paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you’.

When was the last time you did that? Is there something that helps you keep focus on the present moment?

For me, cooking is one of them. Opening the fridge, seeing what’s available or what I’ve left to use, making up a dish and starting chopping, boiling, frying. Experimenting with flavours, trying to recreate a dish from my childhood or my favourite meal from a restaurant. It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s something I can do every day.

Being mindful is not only about meditating, or sitting still for a number of minutes, going crazy because you can’t stop thinking about your next chore of the day. Being mindful is about paying attention — it can easily be paying attention to your onions frying in delicious olive oil, making sure they don’t burn but only caramelise to perfection.

And I wonder, have you ever considered cooking like your mindful exercise for the day? Because you know, it’s not all about the body. We need to exercise the mind too, not letting it be overwhelmed by what’s surrounding us.

That’s also why I’ve started live cooking with you on Instagram. I’m inviting you to share this mindful moment with me. Because being mindful could also include friends, family, your flatmates — enjoying the company without worrying about what’s next. It’s all about the moment you’re in really.

If you’re stuck at home, scrolling through social media and the news all day, cooking could be your distraction, your outside when you can’t actually go outside. Make cooking a mindful experience — all about you and your onions.

I will see you every Monday live on our Instagram - @leles_london at 5pm, I will let you know what ingredients you need in advance so you can get ready!

Much love,

Valentina xx

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