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This year has been difficult right? Yeah you don’t need us to tell you. We all went through some struggles one way or another.

We, as a business had to adjust very quickly to a new way of serving our customers - the journey has been extremely rewarding but surely not easy!

On a personal level I (Valentina) went through a divorce and a fractured ankle but hey, here I am stronger then before and with a bigger smile. I am not an hero, neither I am special, I am a woman and you are strong and powerful too! It’s ok to feel sad and tired, you don’t need to apologies for your feelings.

But now as a new season is blooming it is time to flourish again! So we have been working on something for you....Do you remember our ‘WOMEN IN BUSINESS (WIB)’ posts? We used to share our tips and invited guest entrepreneurs to chat all things business every Sunday. The goal was to provide some useful resources, industry insights and practical advise to aspiring business owners, especially women.

We loved the idea to support new businesses and you guys loved our posts! Thank you!!

Unfortunately, due to a lack of time and resource - thanks Corana virus! we had to put our WIB on hold. We aim to start it again really soon, promise!

Meanwhile, here is a little ebook with all the posts we have shared with you so far. So you can easily access all the content in one go.

Share it with anyone who has just started (or planning to) a business! Get in touch if you have any questions we are alway here to help!

Download PDF • 8.22MB

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