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Veganuary: How To Rock It!

Veganuary is finally here and some people out there may be starting to consider embracing the challenge — going fully vegan for the month of January. But where do you start? Here’s a little guide on how to embrace this Veganuary.

Plan Your Meals

If you’re new to eating a vegan diet, planning your meals can be a great way to make sure you don’t fall off the challenge. There are so many meal-planning videos out there, there is no way you could get it wrong.

You can also take a look at our 10-minute prep videos for those times when you just want something quick but are bored with the meals you’ve been eating during the week!

Make It Exciting

Instead of focusing on all the food you won’t be eating, research into new recipes to try and independent vegan restaurants you can order a take out from. If you live in London, you’re blessed with so many options to choose from, and the UK has a great market for vegan food. You just need to look!

And it’s useful to remember that eating vegan doesn’t necessarily mean eating healthy. Yes, you will naturally gravitate towards eating more plants, but there’s so much vegan junk food too! Make sure you break from your third vegan curry of the week with a juicy, oily vegan burger.

‘Cheating’ Is Okay

Of course, don’t prepare yourself for a sure failure, but if it happens that you eat something that it’s not vegan — it’s okay. It can happen by mistake, or you may just have a slice of cake once because it looked delicious. Again, it’s okay.

It’s better to allow yourself to have that slice of cake than to be unhappy the whole month and go back to eating meat at the end of the challenge. Instead, balancing vegan food with some ‘cheating’ every once in a while is a much better option.

And that’s it! Happy Veganuary everyone — we hope you’re going to love it! Don't forget to check our video recipes every Monday!

Valentina xx

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