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Celebrate In Style: Fancy Dinner at Home

One of the things I love to do the most is treating myself to dining out as often as I can (and can afford!). I love going to local places, either vegan or with good vegan options — I think it’s important to show a demand for it and I’m also curious to see how regular places are stepping up their vegan game!

So, since we’ve been in lockdown in our homes, my first thought was ‘damn, I can’t treat myself anymore’, this is especially difficult today as I am celebrating my birthday!

So I had to think of new ideas to treat myself at home, I’ve never let anyone stop from making myself feel happy and it definitely won’t be the case during these hard times. I might not be able to go to my favourite restaurant anymore, but I sure can make myself a dinner I can enjoy as if I were going out!

I also like to keep it quite easy in the kitchen. I like genuine flavours and simple dishes, as you may know if you’ve been at LELE’S before. For me, ‘fancy’ is not about the names or ingredients in a dish, but the passion I put behind it. And of course, it’s nice if the plate also looks nice and curated.

And I thought of sharing some ideas with you! I think we’re all losing a sense of normality since we all started spending more time at home and maybe you want to treat yourself or someone special to something a bit different. I put together an easy menu based on a few recipes you can find on the blog! Enjoy!


Don’t skip the starter just because you’re at home! While the main is cooking in the oven, open a bottle of your favourite wine. Serve your favourite vegan cheese and your favourite crackers, maybe with some Greek olives and sundried tomatoes (they’re a typical Italian addition to our starters!).


What’s better than a homey, comfort-food like Mac and Cheese? You can find LELE’S own take in our blog— it’s customisable and really easy to make. You can also find some ideas on how to plate it nicely, like in our pictures!


If you downloaded our free Christmas Recipes e-book, you’ll know I’m all about the sides. I don’t think they get the recognition they deserve, and that’s why I’m telling you to go all out and make two of the most delicious recipes. Serve a slice of our Simple Vegan Quiche with some Roasted Mushrooms and Chickpeas— you can thank me later ;)


Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a dinner out if you didn’t get dessert. And forget about sharing, you deserve your own! Here’s our gluten free version of The Chocolate Sausage! It’s decadent, easy to make and it will definitely leave you satisfied!

Hope you will enjoy making these simple yet super yummy dishes at home, treat yourself and celebrate in style, I certainly will!!

Lots of love,


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