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LELE'S Announces Zero Waste Products

We are so excited to announce that LELE’S goes zero waste with new products! Soon, you’ll be able to purchase LELE’S Vegan Cake Mixes from your local zero waste shop or bulk market — stay tuned to find out more!

Our beloved Vegan Cake Mixes become zero waste with completely recyclable packaging available for wholesale in16kg bags. The new package allows the sale of 36 portions, for a recommended retail price of £4.99 per portion. Pre-order our mixes now, please contact us:

Why going zero waste?

LELE’S is a vegan business which has always strived to be as sustainable as possible. Creating a zero waste product is a natural step towards our goal of being more environmentally conscious.

What does zero waste mean?

Zero waste means reducing the amount of waste generated when consuming a product as close as possible to nothing. For us, it means our Vegan Cake Mixes come in a larger size and completely recyclable packaging.

Lots of love folks!

Valentina x

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