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Our Favourite Vegan Cheese Brands

I don’t know about you, but as a vegan, I am not afraid to use alternatives in the kitchen, like this yummy quiche I made with vegan cheese! Vegan mock meats and vegan cheese are always available at my house and I use them often at LELE’S too. And even though I still haven’t found the perfect replacement for mozzarella (I honestly doubt it exists, really), I do have my favourite vegan cheese brands. Here, I am sharing them with you.


Violifeis probably the most common vegan cheese brand out there. They’re range keeps expanding and I’m always finding a new product at the supermarket. I’m sure your local grocery shop has it and because they have so many options, you can always find the exact cheese flavour you need for your dishes.

Their recipe is based on coconut oil, it actually melts quite well and the cheddar flavours are really good to use as a cheeky addition to vegetable parcels or pizza pockets!

Follow Your Heart

I might never find a good mozzarella alternative, but Follow Your Heart parmesan does the trick — still not like the real thing, but it’s all about compromise.

Follow Your Heart also uses coconut oil as a base in some of their products, while others contain a mixture of other vegetable oils. Their products are a bit harder to find, possibly only stocked in organic shops. However, you should give it a try if you find it!

Kinda Co.

How can I not mention our fellow East Londoners? Kinda a small, independent business run by the incredible Ellie! I had the pleasure of sharing the Women in Business panel with her at the last Vevolution event — you can still hear the podcast of the event!

Kinda Co. cheeses are made from nuts and their flavours definitely have more depth than any other brand. You can taste the care and craft needed to make them and they’re a treat you shouldn’t miss. You can find Kinda Co. cheese in Planet Organic (where we also stock our cake mixes!) and some other vegan and organic shops around London.

What are your fav cheese brands? Cannot wait to discover more cheese makers!


Valentina x

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