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The importance of trying new things: Keep your mind fresh and curious

This year, I really wanted to push myself and try new things. It’s really helped me get out of my comfort zone in the past, and I was looking forward to putting myself out there even more! Of course, with everything that’s happening right now, it’s a bit more difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible — we just need to adapt! Before opening LELE'S I really didn't know how to cook let alone how to decorate a cake like this one! Lol I am glad i didn't give up and instead I pushed myself to learn, while having fun!

Learning new things somehow helps me to stay focused on my business goals and keep my mind fresh and curious, always open to change and improvement.

For example, this year I started a theatre course with a friend of mine. It was so good! I had so much fun, learning new things about myself and what I could do. It kept my mind fresh and active. It gave me a place to be and a way to make new friends. Yes, that helps me be a better entrepreneur! London is notoriously a lonely city and doing things outside of your comfort zone is truly the only thing that will make it a bit better.

But fast forward a couple of months and here we are: all stuck at home. Time to give up my new year’s resolution... Or maybe not. Maybe, it’s time to think outside the box and find even more new things I could do.

Cooking live on Instagram is one of them. Since the lockdown, I started cooking in front of the camera every Monday with you guys. Never done that before. I also started making food boxes to deliver all around London and the UK. Honestly, creativity has never started flowing more than right now.

And you could start doing new things too! It’s now the time to start doing all the things you’ve always been scared to do: nobody can see you anyway! Join fitness classes online, learn how to decorate cakes, write a book, learn to sing, start an online theatre group. The possibilities are endless.

I think this is the time we need to feel alive. We all need to make our days feel a bit more special and break the routine of staying at home by finding a hobby or improving some skills. It doesn’t need to be productive — it just needs to be fun! Then you will see how much that fun activity is going to be beneficial even to your business goals!

Lots of love,


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