Food Hacks: Frost That Cupcake (Without a Piping Bag)

When you’re just starting out learning how to cook or bake, chances are you won’t have the fancy tools you see on tv. But is that going to stop you? Hell no! There are so many tricks and hacks out there on how to make do without. And today, I’m going to tell you how to frost that cupcake without a piping bag!

It’s like when you tell yourself you’re going to start working out. But you need the shoes, the leggings, the tops. Suddenly, it’s not that you don’t want to be working out, you just can’t without the right apparel. I say, excuses excuses excuses. And it’s the same with baking.

I didn’t have fancy tools when I started. I still don’t — at LELE’S, we make what we have work for what we want to do. That’s actually a really good life philosophy, I think. Make what you have work for what you want to achieve, don’t wait for the right things to come along. You’ll always have another excuse ready.

So, let’s talk cupcakes. Are you tempted to make your own but the frosting step scares yo