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Who has been left with overripe bananas one too many times? Don’t fret, it’s never gonna happen again — our banana bread mixes are easy to make at home and will put those bananas to good use!


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LELE'S is committed to being cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable which means that all mixes are vegan and distributed in recyclable packaging. Everything is made by hand in LELE'S laboratory in East London.

LELE'S Banana Bread Mix - Gluten & Nut Free

  • Gluten Free

    Contain Soy


    Preheat the oven at 160°. Empty the mix in a large bowl. Add 150ml of sunflower oil and 165ml of any plant based milk to the dry mix. Blend together until smooth. Add 2 ripe bananas and mix until smooth. Lay the mix in a 10" length loaf tin and cook at 160° for about 50 minutes. Insert a thin skewer into the banana bread to check if it’s cooked. If the stick is dry, the banana bread is ready. Enjoy!




    Banana cake

    Gluten free flour (Flour Blend: Rice, Potato, Tapioca, Maize, Buckwheat), Brown Sugar, Caster Sugar, Chocolate Chip (contains Soy), Cocoa Powder, Baking Powder (Mono Calcium Phosphate, Corn Starch*, Sodium Bicarbonate, *Organic produce: 100% GB-ORG-05), Baking Soda (Raising Agent (E 500 (Sodium Carbonates))), Xanthan Gum