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©2016 by LELE'S.

Pictures by Holly Pickering

Kim Burrows

Who has been left with overripe bananas one too many times? Don’t fret, it’s never gonna happen again — our banana bread mixes are easy to make at home and will put those bananas to good use!

LELE'S Banana Bread Mix - Gluten Free

  • Preheat the oven at 160°. Empty the mix in a large bowl. Add 150ml of sunflower oil and 165ml of any plant based milk to the dry mix. Blend together until smooth. Add 2 ripe bananas and mix until smooth. Lay the mix in a 10" length loaf tin and cook at 160° for about 50 minutes. Insert a thin skewer into the banana bread to check if it’s cooked. If the stick is dry, the banana bread is ready. Enjoy!