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Women in Business: You're Still a Success

A bittersweet post today, for our weekly Women in Business chat. I recently shared an Instagram post about the importance of being there for each other — and for ourselves — during these difficult times. But I also touched upon how small businesses are being affected and I want to take the conversation from where I left it off.

It’s heartbreaking to see so many of my friends and fellow colleagues being hit so hard by the forced closing. Please, share some of your love with them. Your comments and messages throughout this whole ordeal were truly what pushed me forward. I didn’t give up because I knew I could always count on devoted customers and a nice community of people. So, I hope everyone is getting the same amount of love as I am.

Although I still found a way to survive and keep LELE’S alive, many businesses simply didn’t have the means or the possibilities to do so. And to them I say — you’re still a success.

This is a general advice for anytime you’re facing difficulties outside of your control. I wrote a whole article about setting small goals and celebrating your successes. And now more than ever, it’s important you do just that.

Instead of feeling angry, frustrated and sad, celebrate what you had. Well, let me rephrase that — after having felt your anger and frustration and cried your eyes out, celebrate. This is a time where you should feel all the feelings, including the happy ones.

Be happy about what you achieved before being forced to close. Be happy about the customers who supported you and are sad to see you go. Nobody is taking away your successes. And whether you’ll find the strength to come back at a later time, or decide to chase another dream, you still made the first time. You created the thing. It doesn’t matter if it didn’t work out — you still did it.

You’re a success whether or not your business will continue to live. Why? Because there are so many people who don’t even dare to try. And you tried. Hell, you succeeded and you would have done so much more if it weren’t for someone else.

So, today, for me if not for yourself, celebrate. Get yourself a massive cake, put a candle on it and throw some confetti on your successes.

Happy Sunday lovely folks!

Valentina xx

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