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Women In Business: Welcome Change & Adapt

Change is scary. It’s scary in your personal life and it can be scary in your work life as well. We start a business with a clear idea of what we want (hopefully) and where we want to be in a few years. We make plans, big and small, and we’re happy when we see our business go in the direction we want. Then, almost always, something happens and those plans fall into the bin. It seems like everything is ending and all our dreams are shattered. But what you really need to do is welcoming change and adapting.

It happened to me with the recent pandemic. LELE’S hasn’t always been what it is now — if you were one of our customers only 6 months ago, you will know we were a fully functioning cafe with a few extra aces in our sleeves. And before being vegan, we were only vegetarian! Can you imagine that?

When I changed my lifestyle to be more compassionate towards animals, my cafe had to come on the journey with me. The change was mine and I had control over it, that’s true, but it was still scary to basically cut off all non-vegans from being our customers. But that turned out pretty good — because our food is quite simple and full of flavours, people have always seemed happy to try something different.

But change is often dictated by outside factors. LELE’S had to find a way of surviving a virus as much as we as a population did and today, we’re mainly a catering, wholesale and cake maker company that shares its love for vegan food through launching new vegan products on the market.

I can’t say I don’t miss the cafe — seeing people coming in every day, happy to share a laugh with us and try our new recipes. We’ve been lucky with the people who have always rooted for us and that’s why our change has always seen an incredible support. But it’s scary, I won’t lie, and we still don’t know how it’s going to work in the long run. At the moment, we’re happy and I can’t see LELE’S going any other way if not upwards.

I hope LELE’S story could be an inspiration for everyone who fears change. Even I was never a cook or a baker, and here I am now, making food for all of you. Change is not bad, it’s just about rearranging a few thing. Adapting to what the present has brought you. It’s okay to be scared, but then start thinking laterally. Think of the excitement of trying something new, and if it doesn’t work, you can always try something different!

Happy Sunday folks,


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