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Women in Business: Trust Your Employees

Another day as a woman in business, another little advice: trust your employees. But what does trust mean? Why is it important to trust your employees? How do you even show trust? Well, let me share my two cents on the matter.

Have you ever read one of those trust your employees quotes? I’m talking about phrases like ‘leadership is not wielding authority — it is empowering people’. They sound like silly remarks, but they’re actually holding some truth. As an employer you are not there to scold your employees but to inspire them to be better.

First of all, you should address your employees with respect. If you treat them like they don’t know what they’re doing and your way of doing things is the only good way, they will feel undervalued. Instead, explain why you would prefer things done differently. Always give them a reason behind your directions. This will show them you’re not just giving them strict rules to follow, but you want them to understand the reasoning behind. You are training them, giving them useful information, instead of just bossing them around.

Second, don’t micromanage them. They might disagree with how you do things, but they might not be wrong. When you’re giving them responsibilities, let them do their job without constant checking. If they make a mistake, then you can jump in. Breathing down their neck every step of the way won’t be helpful — not only will they feel you don’t trust them, but you would miss the point of hiring help. Why paying someone if you’re still doing their job?

Building trust is a slow process, but a highly rewarding one. Everything you give your employees will come back to you and your business. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. But most of the time, if you trust people they will show you trust back.

And trusting your team means they can also foster trust among themselves. Make sure you communicate to them honestly and that they know you’re there to support them.

Happy Sunday folks, hope this will be of some help,

Valentina x

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