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Women in Business: Learn to Delegate

Your business is your baby and it’s hard to let them go. I get it. But you can’t do everything by yourself and you do need the time off sometimes. So, learn to delegate, share your work with people you trust.

I know the next question will be ‘but how do you trust people?’. It’d be easy for me to say that you just need to trust them and hope for the best, but that can be difficult. Again, we care for our businesses in a way nobody else ever will. Nobody is going to pay the price for the mistakes as much as we will, so it’s hard to trust people with something they won’t answer for.

The best advice I can give you is to surround yourself with people who look as excited as you are for the future of the business. People with ideas, who have taken upon themselves to come up with ways to make the business better. Give them small responsibilities first to see how they get on with those before trusting them with bigger things.

As with everything, start small. Take a day off and leave someone else in charge. And if they made a mistake, give them a constructive feedback, help them improving – grow with them and your business.

Delegating is hard, but necessary. You need to be able to take a holiday without worrying about goals being met and tasks being done. Doing everything by yourself is fine for the beginning, but it will be too stressful in the long run. Also, more time off will mean more time to dedicate to different parts of your business.

Take a small customer-facing business, for example. You can’t always be the one solving issues. You have to trust employees to deal with daily problems by themselves. You should have time to use for admin, building your business online, updating websites, networking. Ideally, you will get to a point where you can even take 2 days off a week — what a dream!

Also, find people who can help you do the things you’re not trained for. I’m a fan of learning to do as much as you can as it’s always good to have different skills, but I also like to hire people who have different interests. So, as I can offer them some experience in something else they would like to do, like photography or social media, they can also support me in building the business.

At the end of the day, you know yourself better than anyone else and you know the people you have around. If you’re someone who needs to be in control all the time, perhaps having some self-care time during the day is enough to keep you sane. But in my experience, delegating is key to have a successful business while also not get too stressed.

Enjoy your time off, you deserve it! Vx

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