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Women in Business: Be Your Own Type of Boss

We’ve seen the movies: the grey suits, the sleek hair, the brown lipstick. Being a woman in business means accepting to work in a lifeless environment without any colour or vivacity. Well, I don’t agree with that. I think being a woman in business means being your own type of boss.

Okay, maybe I’ve seen too many 80s movies and things are a bit different today. But the feeling of having to change yourself to fit a stereotype is still alive. As a woman especially, you feel you need to appear more serious, trying to match the tones of the boardrooms filled with men. I get it, but if you ever met me, you know I am proud of my own style and I like to add a personal touch to everything I do.

This doesn’t mean I am not serious. I take my business very seriously and I would never disappoint a customer. But I can do all of that while wearing a rainbow jumper. A suit may tell you that I am professional, but I am professional no matter what I’m wearing!

I encourage you to be your own type of boss. Don’t “edit” your character in favour of an idea of yourself you want to project on others. You will find that people appreciate honesty a lot more.

I also think adding a bit of your character to your business may be key to success!

LELE’S is a very personal thing to me and I understand I’m not everyone cup of tea either. But I like being the way I am, I like to show how much I care by being myself. It may not be the same for you — we’re all different and that’s exactly what I’m getting at! Add your own little sparkle to your business. What makes you, you?

Happy Sunday folks xx

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