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Women in Business: Annie Clark - Take The Plunge


can’t believe this is already our third guest post on Women in Business! When I started it, I wasn’t expecting so much engagement. But I guess something is missing in the industry — women need to hear from other women. And today, we’re hearing from Annie Clark.

Annie is a yoga teacher and has recently launched an online yoga studio, The Practice. She believes in holding a safe space for her students to experience the empowerment that can come from practicing. As a woman in business, she encourages everyone to ‘take the plunge’.

‘At the beginning of the year, I launched my online yoga studio; The Practice. In all honesty, it had been a long-time in the making. I love teaching and I love being able to hold space for my students and being able to do this in studios across London is magical - and I can’t wait to be able to do so again over the next year or so when life for us all settles again.

But it saddened me that my ability to reach people from around the world or even across London who’s jobs/family life/other commitments prevented them from being able to step onto the mat with me. Holding space and connecting with The Practice community is, of course, very different from the space I hold and the classes I teach in real life, but it’s no less magical.

I didn’t have it all figured out when we launched and it certainly hasn’t been plain sailing but I’m so glad I took the leap of faith and opened the doors to The Practice. Not just because brick and mortar studios had to close their doors, but because I’m learning so much. From the members themselves to the theme and intention that I bring to the studio each month. It’s given me the space to grow, to focus, and to share the power of yoga beyond the confines of geography.

So if you have an idea, and I know we hear it time and time again, but honestly take the plunge. It turns out, don’t have to have it all figured out from the beginning. There will be things that go wrong - this is space to learn. There will be people who perhaps disagree with the way you do things - this is space to broaden your awareness. And there will be things that go right - this is also space to learn.

Bring your idea to life and share it with the world. We can’t wait to see it flourish’.

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Happy Sunday folks!

Valentina x

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