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Women in Business: Take Space

Since we’re little girls, society taught to meet other people halfway. We’re taught to find a compromise, to be accommodating and polite. These are all good things to learn that can come in handy in difficult situations. However, they can also become an excuse to belittle ourselves and doubt our abilities as businesswomen.

Today, I want to tell you to take space. Be big. Take it as a pep-talk, life advice, life motto. I want you to write it on pieces of paper to attach to your motivational wall, tell yourself in the morning before starting your working day. Take space.

What does it mean to take space? To be arrogant, overconfident, not listening to other people’s opinions? It might, sometimes. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being any of those, sometimes. Sometimes, it takes all the arrogance in the world to believe your business plan will work, all the confidence in you to pitch your ideas, and putting your hands over your ears when people tell you you’re doing it all wrong.

But mostly, ‘take space’ means don’t be afraid of standing up for yourself.

I talked before about understanding your value. The next step is to respect your value. Respect the work you put behind your ideas and where your knowledge comes from. You didn’t get where you are because you were nice, you got where you are because you believed in yourself. Don’t give up now.

You will meet a lot of men who won’t believe a woman is capable of doing good business. I know it seems like we’re over sexism in the workplace, but we’re really not. You will also meet women who are blinded by the old idea that there’s not enough space for all of us in the business world. They’re wrong.

To all those people, tell them you know what you’re doing. Have the confidence to stand behind your projects. Even if they call you stubborn or insane. And if you’re wrong, you’re just going to make your own needed mistakes to learn from and be better. Claim your space and take it, unapologetically.

Happy Sunday you lovely people! xx

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