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Women in Business: The Importance of Having Social Media

Today, we’re talking about the importance of having social media. Especially if your business has a specific niche, social media can be a great tool to attract new customers. LELE’S has definitely become a renowned vegan cafe thanks to social media — often people would come from all over to eat our food!

Social media can be a really positive place if you know how to use it. Set a schedule with specific content for every day of the week. In the beginning, you want people to find your page and clearly see what you’re all about. Storm your chosen platform with beautiful pictures and information about what you’re selling and where.

One of the biggest mistakes is thinking social media to be as easy as snapping a picture and posting it. There’s a lot more work that goes into that and you can get easily burnt out if you start spending all your days on a platform, tagging and reposting other people’s stuff.

Social media is part of your job, so you should think about it that way. The same way you set a time-slot to answer emails, set some time in the day to post and check your profile. It can be as personal or business-like as you wish. Social media is the perfect tool to set your brand’s voice and show people your values instead of just telling them.

Interacting with your customers is also very important. Take time to answer all the messages, like or comment when people tag you or talk about your business. That’s how you build trust and great communication.

Of course, the more natural your relationship with social media is, the better you can fit it into your day. Although I do use a schedule, I also like to just check who’s tagging LELE’S and giving some love back! But if you’re starting to spend too much time on it, don’t be afraid to log out and come back the next day.

Social media feels like everything is happening so fast, but businesses should use it to strengthen their relationship with customers without making it a competition about who has more followers. Imagine your social media like the window of your shop: you want it to look its best, you want to smile at people passing by, having a chat, inviting them in, waving back.

Hope this will help you build a strong business, happy Sunday folks!

Valentina x

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