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Sustainable Hacks: DIY Reed Diffuser

We can all agree when I say having a pet can make you hyperaware of your home’s smell. We dread the day someone comes into our house and smellsthat we have a dog or a cat. So, I always try to find nice ways to make my house smell nice. Today, I want to share with you how to make a DIY reed diffuser.

This is particularly useful if you already have an old diffuser. It’s a really easy alternative to buying new ones and throwing them away. It avoids waste and it lets you personalise the fragrance with your favourite essential oils!


-An old diffuser, or wooden reeds and a glass bottle

-1 tbsp of vodka or witch hazel

-¼ cup of water or carrier oil (I would suggest the oil over the water, as it’ll last longer and will carry the fragrance much better)

-20-30 drops of essential oil (or a mix of different oils!)


  1. Add the vodka or witch hazel in the glass bottle using a funnel.

  2. Add the essential oil and shake it, closing the open end with your thumb or a towel

  3. Add the water or the oil (almond oil is the best)

  4. Use one of the reeds to mix it all together

  5. Put the rest of the reeds in and there you go! Your home will smell amazing!

Enjoy this little trick,

Valentina x

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