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How to Make LELE'S Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes at Home

As you should know by now, every Monday at 12pm you can find me live on our Instagram page making recipes with you! I’ve started these Live Cook with LELE’s during the lockdown and I’m still enjoying them so much. It’s such a nice way to show you how easy it can be to prepare vegan food and answering all your questions in real-time!

If you’re unable to follow the live video, however, you can either rewatch me on LELE'S IGTV or come to the blog, where you’ll find all the recipes I post online. Today, it’s all about our vegan Vanilla Cupcake Mixes!


All the instructions will be at the back of the Vanilla Cupcake Mix package. Follow the recipe and you’ll get 12 LELE’S vanilla cupcakes!

But what’s a cupcake without a little decoration or special flavour? I’ve loved seeing your creations (don’t forget to tag us #lelescakes) and I thought I could give you some more ideas on how to make your vanilla cupcakes looking pretty!

First of all, you can have your cupcakes plain vanilla or add fruits directly to the mix before baking! In the video, I’ve used the same mix for 3 different types of cupcakes: one plain, one with some blueberries and lemon zest, and another one with chocolate chips. You can add raspberries, strawberry, peanut butter — whatever you’d like!

Now, to the fun part. I shared a few tips on how to frost your cupcake without a piping bag, but what if you’re not into frosting?

Put a couple of tablespoons of icing sugar in a cup and add a little bit of lemon juice. Mix it together and check the consistency. Add sugar or lemon juice if needed: you want the icing to be quite thick. With a knife, add some icing on top of the cupcake and spread it evenly. Before the icing hardens completely, decorate the cupcake with some pretty flowers — I added some lavender!

Have a try and let me know how you get on!

Lots of love,

Valentina x

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