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Food Hacks: Simple Food Presentation Ideas

If you’re not following our Cooking with LELE’S Live, you may have missed a few tips I gave about food presentation. Everyone always asks me how do I make my food looks pretty — I tell you, it’s much easier than it seems. And to show you how easy it is, here are some simple food presentation ideas!


As some say, I like to eat with my eyes as well as with my mouth. Of course, the food needs to taste good but having a well-presented dish in front of you does that something extra (I would argue it even tastes better!). So, how do you plate food beautifully?

My first advice is to imagine the empty plate like it’s divided in half. You will be placing the food only on half of the dish. That alone will make your dish instantly look more elegant and tidy.

At this point, you can go the extra mile by decorating the empty side of the plate. You can put edible flowers, some extra glazing, some seeds or nuts — just don’t overdo it! You still want your plate to look tidy.


Another good way to plate your dish is to start from the center and keep going outwards, sort of like a spiral. This is a good way to top your favourite sweet dishes, like porridge or french toast!

Let’s take porridge, for example. You can start by placing a spoonful of nut butter in the middle (maybe top it with some chia seeds), and then the fruits all around it. It will look a bit busier than the half/half technique, but it’s a great way to make fuller dishes look beautiful as well.

And that’s it! It’s really as easy as it sounds. I encourage you to try it out and share your beautiful creations on Instagram tagging @leles_london

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