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10 Minute Prep Vegan Puff Pastry Chocolate Twist

Here it is our latest recipe, perfect for all the sweet tooth out there: vegan puff pastry chocolate twist! I know, it sounds like a tongue twister, but that’s essentially what it is. Super yummy, super easy and definitely a great pick-me-up for those kinds of days.

The recipe, of course, includes chocolate, but you could swap it for anything you’d like! Think peanut butter and jam, cinnamon and sugar, even cheese and olive oil for a savoury twist There’s no end to making this swirl super delicious! Let’s crack on!


-Plant-based milk

-Vegan chocolate spread

-Date syrup or maple syrup

-Some flour for dusting

-Puff pastry block or sheet


  1. Leave the puff pastry out of the fridge for at least an hour, or microwave it for 30 seconds before starting cooking;

  2. Dust your surface with some flour;

  3. If you’re using a puff pastry block, roll it out to make a sheet of about 1/2cm height;

  4. Only fill half of the puff pastry sheet with the vegan chocolate spread;

  5. Fold the other half over the filled one and press it with your hands so that the two halves stick;

  6. Take a knife and cut the puff pastry in 2cm strips;

  7. Take each strip and roll each of them on itself (check out my video to see how I do it!);

  8. Mix some of the syrup with the plant-based milk before brushing it over the puff pastry;

  9. Place your puff pastry strips on a tray and bake them in the oven at 180degrees for about 15minutes!

Hope you will enjoy this simple recipe!

Valentina x

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