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Women in Business: Don't Quit Your Job!

You have an idea. You have a business plan, a budget, a website; heck, you even have a business card. It’s time to quit your day job and plunge into your new adventure! Right? WRONG!

Starting a new business is exciting and I understand you want to dedicate it all the time in the world. But that’s not the wise thing to do, especially without a contingency plan. Keep your day job, maybe go part-time first and try to make it all work together, at least for a while.

Is it going to be hard? Yes, I’m not going to lie to you. Juggling different jobs is a job in itself and you’ll need plenty of organisation skills and force of will. It can get stressful and you will want to quit, but if you can push it through you will see a lot more positives than negatives.

Keeping your job as a safety net is the wisest thing you can do when starting a new business. The time will come for you to be your own boss, but patience will make it so when you do, you will be more secure. And it’s not only about money — you may find out that you don’t actually like being your own boss. Be sure the business you have set is what you want to do, before giving it all you got.

However, always remember to take some time off if you need it. Exhaustion will only lead to less productivity and eventually, it will make you lose your passion. It’s up to you to find the right balance.

The beginning will always be harder. But the ride is worth it, trust me.

Lots of love and happy Sunday,

Valentina x

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