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My Favourite Vegan Meat Brands

You might have heard me saying it before, but there’s a simple reason why I use vegan meat. I liked meat, what I didn’t like was the animal abuse behind it. I went vegan to support the animal right to a decent life, not because I didn’t like meat.

Especially being Italian, most of my favourite meals growing up included some kind of meat or cheese. Recently, I shared with you a recipe for vegan polpettone which my mum made with meat. Instead of adding nuts or other wholefoods, I like to replace the meat with vegan meat. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

I don’t think it’s anti-vegan to admit I miss the taste of animal products. Of course, I made the choice that an animal’s life is more important to me than my taste buds. But if I can find a way to get that taste without the harm, what’s wrong with that?

The Meatless Farm Co.

I’ve mentioned The Meatless Farm my favourite mince to use in the kitchen. I can’t tell you how much I love their products. I think they really taste like meat and you can use it exactly as you would use real meat.

At the moment, their range only includes meat free mince, sausages and burger patties. They’re made of soy and pea protein and can be found in most supermarkets in the UK. They’re usually in the fridge aisle, next to all the vegan and vegetarian products.

I like to support smaller, independent businesses and The Meatless Farm Co. also cares about sourcing their ingredients as sustainably as possible. I will always choose them over any brand when I can!

Linda McCartney’s

I feel if you don’t already know this brand, you’ve probably been leaving under a rock. Linda McCartney’s (named after Paul McCartney’s wife) has 78% of their range vegan, the rest being vegetarian. I think it’s the most common brand out there for vegan sausages, I bet you can even find it at your corner shop.

I really like Linda McCartney’s products and I regularly use their sausages and sausage rolls. They’re mostly made with soy and I think the taste is very satisfying when you’re craving something meaty.

And they pledge to go fully plastic-free by 2021!

Apart from these two brands, when cooking at home I tend to use mostly wholefoods. Lentils are a really great addition to your chilli, without the need of fake mince! But keep a lookout: I will soon be sharing my favourite vegan cheese brands as well ;)

And you? Do you have any fav vegan meat brand? I would love to learn more about other vegan brands!

Have a lovely week folks,

Valentina x

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