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Can You Feed Your Dog Vegan Food?

One of the reasons why people go vegan is the proven positive effect it has on the environment. Eating a predominantly vegan diet is one of the biggest changes you could do to live a more sustainable life. It’s a diet that could save lives and even cut global warming, with food production being responsible for a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and livestock covering 30% of it.

So, let’s say you’ve decided to change your lifestyle and lessen the consumption of animal products — what about your pet? Can you feed your dog vegan food too?

The environmental impact of pet food is maybe as bad as human’s. It’s been revealed that pet food is responsible for up to a quarter of the impact of meat production, which in turn questions how sustainable is to have a pet to begin with. That’s why many vegans are asking themselves if it is possible to feed their animals a vegan diet and how ethical that could be.

Far from me to give an absolute answer, I always advocate that doing a little can be more helpful than you think. If everyone became an imperfect vegan, meaning that they would still consume some animal products, it could still be as effective and bring a noticeable change in the world. And that’s exactly what I want to achieve with cooking for people and running a vegan cafe open to all — turning someone vegan, even if for just one meal.

That being said, I think it’s also important to know if we can do more. I talked previously about ethical fashion, as being vegan became more of a lifestyle for me than just a diet. So, I did too ask myself if dogs could be vegan and how, as I have a rescue dog myself (Zz!)

It’s a controversial topic, but science generally agrees that while dogs can be vegan, cats shouldn’t as they could develop potentially fatal conditions due to the lack of certain proteins. With special attention and care, however, dogs can sustain a vegan diet without encountering any problem.

V-dog, Halo Garden and Benevo, are all examples of vegan pet food for dogs. They all explain on their website how and why you can and should feed your dog a vegan diet, letting owners know how their products are comprehensive of everything a dog would need in their food.

So, the answer is yes — you can feed your dog vegan food. Should you? I think that’s your decision to make and I’m not here to judge anyone for what they choose to do. But if you’re looking into the option, I hope I answered with some clarity to your questions.

Happy Tuesday folks!

Valentina x

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