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Be Vegan Your Own Way!

I’ve talked before about how becoming vegan changed other aspects of my life. I try to be more sustainable, from researching into the impact of denim production to finding ways to make my own cleaning products. But this is just what I’ve experienced, it doesn’t mean it has to be the same for you.

Starting out on your vegan journey is a very personal thing. You may have different reasons why you’re doing it and it’s really no one’s business to ask. What we eat is such a delicate topic that I don’t blame anyone for ‘hiding’ to be vegan. As an Italian, I know how important food is to a culture and it can be quite a big decision to change the way you eat.

As I shared some tips on how to talk about being vegan with your parents and family, I also want to tell you that it’s okay to be vegan your own way. Whatever being vegan means to you, that’s okay. The most important thing is doing what we can to end animal suffering and/or to help save our planet.

Don’t let anyone judge you, not even other vegans. We are mostly a loving and caring community, but I would be lying if I didn’t mention we can also be judgemental and a bit preachy. But I think that defeats the purpose.

I always encourage people to do as much as they can, even if that means eating vegan only once a week. I recognise everyone faces different challenges and it would be unfair of me to tell others what to do, or how to best be vegan. I’m not perfect myself, even if I have a full vegan business.

It’s also not up to you to change people. You don’t have to convinceanyone to go vegan with you. Being vegan can also be only about you. If you’re comfortable protesting, being active in the vegan community, then do that. But if all you can do is share some meals, maybe take a non-vegan out to a vegan restaurant (maybe to LELE’S ;) ), that’s a great thing too.

Being vegan can look like anything. There’s no standard way you should follow.

Have a wonderful week folks!


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