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10 Minutes Prep Vegan Flatbread & Hummus

If you’ve seen the Live Cooking with Me, you’ll know we had a special guest this time! Zz would not stop barking the whole time — he just has to be the star of the show!

Again, I really hope you’re enjoying our weekly get together. I’m receiving lots of questions after the Lives on Instagram, and I encourage you to ask during the show as well! I love hearing from you and I’m always happy to help you through my recipes.

Today, we’re making vegan flatbread and hummus! Another easy, inexpensive recipe, perfect for an afternoon snack or with a soup! This is something we used to make in my house when I was little and unexpectedly ran out of bread, so we had to make a quick version ourselves.

A little disclaimer: I am aware this may not look like your regular flatbread to you. But it does taste like bread and it is flat so… I like to call it a flatbread! Also, you should know by now that I don’t really use precise measurements, so you won’t find them here. Just trust yourself, or go and take a look at my videoto get a sense of how much of an ingredient I use!

Ingredients for The Flatbread

-Hot water

-Fresh yeast


-A pinch of salt

-Olive oil


  1. Put your fresh yeast in some hot water for at least 5 minutes

  2. Place some flour on a flat surface and mix in the salt. Then, make a hole in the middle with your finger

  3. Pour some of the water with the yeast in the hole to begin with

  4. Start kneading the flour with the water until you get a dough consistency, don’t be scared to add some flour or water if you need

  5. Take a bit of the dough and flatten it to make it as flat as possible, either with a rolling pin or the palm of your hand

  6. Add some olive oil in a pan and put it on high heat

  7. When the pan is really hot, cook your flatbread in it for about 2-3 minutes each side. You should be able to see some bubbles forming when it’s time to flip it!

Ingredients for The Hummus

-Chickpeas, cannellini or any type of beans/pulses you like!




-Olive oil

-Chilli flakes

-Garam Masala






  1. Place your pulses of choice in a food processor

  2. Squeeze in some lemon juice, you can use a fork to help you with this

  3. Add your garlic, olive oil, chilli, garam masala, paprika, mint

  4. Add your raisins to have a delicious caramel taste

  5. Finally, add a tiny bit of water and process it all together

And that’s it! Serve your hummus with the flatbread and enjoy!


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