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Women in Business: Find a Course and Get Learning

In Italy there’s a saying, nobody was born already taught. It means that everything in life you’ll have to learn. No skill has been given to you for free, it’s all about the hard work you put in to learn it and get better and better at it. When starting a new business, my biggest advice is find a course and get learning.

Nowadays, learning can be very easy. You don’t need to go to school or spend a lot of money to pick up a new skill. The Internet is full of free resources that will give you at least a start. Youtube is a great place to find videos about literally whatever you want: from how to use Excel to how to make a focaccia bread.

But how do you find what you need and where? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself before starting to research:

What do I not know?

The first thing you should do is be honest with yourself and figure out what skills you actually need to grow your business. Yes, we’re all excited at the beginning, wanting to get results as soon as possible, but you can’t do that without knowing how to do it.

Research other people you look up to, who maybe are in the same business. You might find they shared their own journey in a blog post or an interview. Of course, you could always approach them and ask them questions yourself, like I’ve mentioned in the finding a mentor post. Anyway, they’re the first source to figure out what you need to learn.

How much do I want to invest?

This question is not only about money, but time as well. Time is an investment too — you may still be in a full-time job while starting your own business and will have to cut hours from your own free time. How much of it are you willing to invest in your business?

Then, you need to work on a budget. I think there’s no need to pay for an expensive course when starting out, as much of the information is available online for free too. Of course, being followed by a teacher is different than learning a skill by yourself. Again, it’s all about the time and expenses you want to use.

Do I actually want to do this?

When it comes to actually putting the effort, you soon figure out how much passion there is behind your dream. As I said at the beginning of this post, growing a business takes a lot of hard work. Once you have an idea of how much time and money your dream will take, you’ll know if it’s worth it or not. You will feel it.

If the hard work ahead only gives you a headache, don’t bother. You should feel excited to be learning new things and be prepared to tackle whatever comes your way. I’m not saying you’re going to be happy all the time, but even the tiniest result should give you that feeling of ‘damn, this is worth it’.

Hope this will be helpful!

Lots of love,


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