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Find Yourself A Mentor

It sounds like an old timely thing to find a mentor. Nowadays, there seems to be a culture of ‘making it on your own’ or ‘keep your secrets to yourself’. But I don’t see it like that, I think we should all help each other and there’s space for everyone out there.

Especially women are taught they’re supposed to be against each other. Isn’t a classic film trope to put two women competing for the same man? It’s the same in business. And it makes me angry to think women can’t trust each other because society told us so. And that’s the whole concept behind my Women in Business posts: as a woman in business myself, I want to encourage other women to follow your dreams.

So, today we’re talking about breaking that culture and finding yourself a mentor. It can be anyone you look up to. A teacher, a parent, a stranger you admire. Don’t be afraid to approach anyone you think will have some real advice for you and your business.

In my experience, you will most likely find someone available to help you. It can be scary to approach a person who has nothing to gain from helping you, but you’ll find out most people are really happy to share their story. You have no idea how glad I’d be to make it easier for someone else than it was for me, and it wouldn’t take anything away from what I’ve accomplished.

But be sure a mentor is not going to walk with you hand in hand. Mentors are just people who have been through something similar already and are happy to give you a little advice here and there. Most of the work will still be up to you.

What a mentor will give you is some insight. They might even just give you a little push and that’s it. But I think it’s still important you find someone who can answer even your stupidest questions (they’re probably not stupid anyway!). Also, having a figure to look up to will be a constant reminder of what you want to achieve and where you want to be in your future. And one day, you’ll be a mentor too!

Finally, don’t be afraid if you reach out to someone and they don't reply or don't want to help you. It happens. Like everything, if one door closes another one will open and you’ll find the person you need in your journey.

Of course, if you want to ask me anything, I’m here to help!

Lots of love,


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