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We are opening in Dalston!

Exciting announcement! Lele’s is going to open its second temporary venue in Dalston from August until the 3rd November! ⚡️

This is a 3 month residency starting from early August that we hope to turn into a more permanent arrangement - please come down and show your support! We will be announcing more details shortly but will be offering 20% discount in the first week. We love our little cafe in Clapton and are so very grateful to everyone who has been supporting us over almost the last 3 years - especially since going vegan (2 years ago this December!). We’ve done everything we could to grow the business and reach as many of you as possible through catering, festivals and supper clubs, but have outgrown our cosy little space and decided to join forces with Maia Rossi, the lady boss at Macaroni Liberation Front to start a badass all-female partnership to bring our little cafe to the next level, and serve more delicious food to more of you! How? 🤔 Well to start with we have 48 seats, so hopefully less time waiting outside to get seated at the weekend (or maybe we should be hoping for the opposite!) 🤗 In Clapton we will be serving all our food - from specials to sandwiches to cakes to brunch and in Dalston we will be doing the same but are going to be opening in the evenings too with a banging new menu and series of events! You will need to watch this space as we will take our time to ensure we really offer you the best we can, not only our food offering, but also our services and a real commitment to introduce a 100% sustainable process as close as possible to zero waste. Maia’s speciality is sustainability, with years of experience in the sector and we really want to make the most of it! We have been working with a real Italian master Davide Grigo who has developed some super yummy recipes, like a vegan carbonara, which we’ll be serving alongside some of Lele’s most popular dishes and our own take on evening meals like nourish bowls and Thai green curries. . Please be extra patient as we get the two venues going and probably make some mistake on the way. We’ll have a proper opening, not only to celebrate our new adventure but to say THANK EACH ONE OF YOU for the support.

Lele’s Team,


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