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Treat your skin and hair with lemon juice and olive oil

Do you know what’s in your beauty products?

Even before I became vegan I had always been a fan of natural remedies and would spend a lot of time researching cruelty-free beauty products and DIY tips to treat my skin, nails and hair. But maybe you’re wondering why it’s so important? Well firstly I believe that we are what we eat - if we follow a balanced diet full of greens and vitamins and make sure to drink plenty of water then that will definitely show on our skin. But our diet alone isn't enough to keep our skin looking healthy, especially when we live in cities like London where the smog and pollution levels are through the roof. Now is the time to look after our skin and repair any damage done.

I find it really inspiring to look to other vegan and sustainable Instagrammers for tips and tricks on skincare - there are so many people out there sharing their stories. Most recently I’ve been inspired by @sustainably_vegan who shares a lot of tips on how to live a more considered life and I decided to do the same. So here are a few of my cheap, sustainable tricks to help you look after your skin - a lot of them have been passed onto me by my grandma and you know that grandmas are always right!

You won’t believe the benefits that simple products like lemon juice and olive oil can bring to your skin. There are so many different ways to use these wonderful ingredients and the bonus is that they’re inexpensive, cruelty-free and completely natural. But how we can use these two sustainable ingredients to improve the tone of our skin and our hair?

I’ve used olive oil all over my body since I was young - it’s a really common thing to do in my family and is a tip that’s passed from generation to generation. The olive oil is packed full of anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalane which makes it fantastic to use on hair, skin and nails. Lemons are antibacterial which means they’re great for treating acne as well as brightening your skin. And because they’re rich in vitamin C and citric acid, they can help to brighten and lighten your skin when used over time. Do bear in mind though that lemon juice can potentially cause skin irritation and sensitivity to the sun so make sure you use it in moderation.




Once a week use a pure cotton cloth to gently apply the juice of one lemon to your face. It can be nice to do this after applying a neat olive oil face mask as the lemon juice can help to remove the grease without the need for water allowing your skin to soak up all of the nourishment




Apply olive oil all over your hair and let it sit and do its magic for about an hour - grab a good book or a magazine and settle yourself down. When you’re done wash it off with a bit of shampoo and your hair will be super shiny and soft.




Gently massage a teaspoon of olive oil onto your face before washing it off with warm water. You can use a cloth soaked in warm water and a drop of lemon juice to get any remnants off - this is such a cheap and sustainable way to get rid of store bought products in your beauty regime.




Combine a teaspoon of brown sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil and massage into your face and all over your body for a natural exfoliant.




Massage a drop of olive oil into your nails to act as a cuticle conditioner - it’ll help them to grow stronger and longer.




You wouldn’t think it but olive oil makes for a really good makeup brush cleaner. Mix 2 parts antibacterial soap with one part olive oil and give your brushes a cleanse once a month.

I’d love to hear how you get on with the tips above and feel free to share any tips with me too.

Valentina x

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