Welcome to LELE'S group on Meetup. This is a group for people who would like to meet like-minded peeps that share a passion for vegan food!

From cooking classes to wine tasting and cheese making we are planning lots of exciting activities.
Come and invite your friends to fun events and try something new!


Follow the link for a full list of courses and events 


What is "Let's Cook Together" ?

Hey folks,

Valentina here. I just want to steal a few minutes of your time to share something important to me. If you follow this link you can read a little bit about my personal journey and story behind Lele's. The main reason why I am sharing this is because it's the very first time I've shared the fact I had been suffering from depression. I never made a mystery of having my struggles but I guess I never said that in writing, I think there is always the fear of how people will respond to you, will they be looking differently at you, will they pity you?


Before Christmas I decided to start a series of meetings where I will spend about 3 hours with 5 of you cooking anything from sweet to savoury, (unfortunately my kitchen is too small to host more than 5 at the time!)

We were overwhelmed with messages and emails and were fully booked for the first three months within a few day. Our first evening doing this was incredibly heartwarming hearing so many brave women come together which you can read about here.

We really want to hear from you, meet you and cook together. If you can relate to depression and anxiety please join us, we don’t need to hide or be afraid, on the contrary let’s cook together and after eat what we will make while getting to know each other and sharing our experiences in an informal setting on Wednesday nights. For bookings please see the top of the page.

All events are free of charge.


If we can't accommodate you this time we will do our best to fit you into the next one. 


Hopefully our meetings might inspire you to cook more or simply spend a few hours having a chat and a cuppa.


If you are a brand who would like to team up with us please get in touch, we had so many enquiries but little space to host everyone, if we could get a bigger kitchen we could deliver sessions for more people, if this sounds interesting please get in touch here: info@leleslondon.com