Women in Business, Anna from UpCircle: No One Knows Your Business as You Do!

I’ve been writing these Women in Business posts for a while now and I thought’ how awesome would it be if other women in business could share advice too?’. So, I reached out to some of my friends, some of the women I look up to and support. I’m so excited to share with you Anna’s advice today! Anna is the co-founder of UpCircle Beauty, a natural, sustainable and vegan skin-care brand that’s showing the industry how skincare doesn’t have to come at a high price, neither for us or our planet. Anna’s advice to all women in business out there is ‘no one knows your business as you do’. “I am the co-founder of UpCircle Beauty. At UpCircle we make sustainable skincare products from ingredients whic

Women in Business: Should You Listen to Advise?

Women in Business is a series of blog posts created to give female entrepreneurs advice based on my own experience. As I said many times before, I am a big advocate for women supporting women. We’re often encouraged to take a side seat, putting family before everything else. When we go into business by ourselves, we’re often looked over by our male colleagues or more generally, any men we hire to do work for us (think contractors taking advantage of you because they think you don’t know what you’re talking about!). But should you listen to advise — my advice? What I want to talk about today is knowing what you should do, versus what you want to do. I can only give you my expertise because I

How to Substitute Fish in a Vegan Diet

Buon Ferragosto everyone! What is that? It’s an Italian Holiday were we celebrate workers — most workers have the day off and we all go for family lunches. And what do we eat, you ask? Fish and seafood! It’s very typical, especially in Rome, to go to a seaside restaurant on the 15th of August and eat all the fish and seafood you can. Of course, being vegan I don’t do that anymore. So, how do you substitute fish in a vegan diet? From a strictly nutritional point of view, you might be wondering how to get the OMEGA-3 fatty acids you can find in fish. Well, that’s easy. Apart from there being many vegan omega-3 supplements out there, there are a lot of plant-based foods that provide it! Flaxsee

Women in Business: The Importance of Having Social Media

Today, we’re talking about the importance of having social media. Especially if your business has a specific niche, social media can be a great tool to attract new customers. LELE’S has definitely become a renowned vegan cafe thanks to social media — often people would come from all over to eat our food! Social media can be a really positive place if you know how to use it. Set a schedule with specific content for every day of the week. In the beginning, you want people to find your page and clearly see what you’re all about. Storm your chosen platform with beautiful pictures and information about what you’re selling and where. One of the biggest mistakes is thinking social media to be as ea

Quick & Easy Vegan Spicy Aubergine Pot

When there’s aubergine involved, everything is yummy. You can quote me on that! If you tuned in last Monday, you know how strongly I feel about aubergines. Today, we’re making a vegan spicy aubergine pot! Not sure why I’m still repeating this, but as usual, this recipe is really easy, cheap and delicious! No fancy ingredients in my kitchen — no Himalayan pink salt or crazy healthy superfoods. Everything can be found in your local grocery store, or even at the back of your kitchen pantry! It has a tomato base which makes it perfect to use as a pasta sauce as well as being eaten on its own. It’s a super versatile recipe and you can freeze the leftovers if you can’t finish it! Ingredients: Cumi

Vegan Hacks: How to Substitute Eggs in Vegan Recipes

Hi folks! Today we chat about how to substitute eggs in vegan recipes! I think one of the most difficult things to substitute in vegan baking is the egg. It’s not actually hard to bake without it, but it’s the first thing that comes to mind when preparing to bake a vegan cake: ‘What do I put instead of eggs?’. So, here’s a list of my favourite ingredients you can use to substitute eggs in vegan recipes. Banana Especially if you’re baking cookies or pancakes, bananas are the best replacement for eggs. Their consistency once smashed up it’s pretty similar to eggs, making your batter nice and smooth. And if you’re making banana bread, you don’t need eggs at all! Aquafaba Aquafaba is a fancy nam

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