Sustainable Hacks: DIY Reed Diffuser

We can all agree when I say having a pet can make you hyperaware of your home’s smell. We dread the day someone comes into our house and smellsthat we have a dog or a cat. So, I always try to find nice ways to make my house smell nice. Today, I want to share with you how to make a DIY reed diffuser. This is particularly useful if you already have an old diffuser. It’s a really easy alternative to buying new ones and throwing them away. It avoids waste and it lets you personalise the fragrance with your favourite essential oils! Ingredients: -An old diffuser, or wooden reeds and a glass bottle -1 tbsp of vodka or witch hazel -¼ cup of water or carrier oil (I would suggest the oil over the wat

How to Make LELE'S Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes at Home

As you should know by now, every Monday at 12pm you can find me live on our Instagram page making recipes with you! I’ve started these Live Cook with LELE’s during the lockdown and I’m still enjoying them so much. It’s such a nice way to show you how easy it can be to prepare vegan food and answering all your questions in real-time! If you’re unable to follow the live video, however, you can either rewatch me on LELE'S IGTV or come to the blog, where you’ll find all the recipes I post online. Today, it’s all about our vegan Vanilla Cupcake Mixes! Ingredients: 1 LELE’S vegan, gluten-free and nut-free vanilla cupcake mix Oil Plant-based milk Vinegar All the instructions will be at the back of

Food Hacks: Simple Food Presentation Ideas

If you’re not following our Cooking with LELE’S Live, you may have missed a few tips I gave about food presentation. Everyone always asks me how do I make my food looks pretty — I tell you, it’s much easier than it seems. And to show you how easy it is, here are some simple food presentation ideas! DIVIDE YOUR PLATE IN HALF As some say, I like to eat with my eyes as well as with my mouth. Of course, the food needs to taste good but having a well-presented dish in front of you does that something extra (I would argue it even tastes better!). So, how do you plate food beautifully? My first advice is to imagine the empty plate like it’s divided in half. You will be placing the food only on half

10 Minute Prep Vegan Pasta with Capers And Lemon

Hey folks, here is a recipe to make a very easy, budget-friendly vegan pasta dish! Like most of my recipes, this is a great way to empty your fridge (like that vegetable right at the back, we always forget about? You know the one!). This recipe will literally take you 10 minutes to make. While the pasta is cooking on the stove, you can make the sauce and everything will come together nicely! Ingredients: -Your favourite pasta -Breadcrumbs -Olive oil -Handful of walnuts -Handful of parsley -Capers -One lemon -Garlic -Chilli Method: Boil the water on a saucepan. When it reaches boiling point, add your pasta (I’m not going to tell you how much to put in — eat as much pasta as you want!) While t

Women in Business: Set Realistic Small Goals

Running a business is not just about the big picture. Although it is necessary to set long-term goals, a larger path to follow, it’s also as important to put down more tangible targets. Today, we talk about how to set realistic small goals. You have your one-year plan. You know where you want to take your business. Heck, you even imagine yourself delivering the perfect TedTalk with your successful empire. That’s all amazing and far from you to stop you have big dreams, but what about the day-to-day? Your business can’t only be focused on its 5 years’ financial plan. We have talked about the importance of budgeting and setting an accounting system, that’s all important and I stand by it. It w

Celebrating Our Reopening With Free Coffee This Weekend

Dear LELE’S customers, we’re happy to announce we’re finally reopening our doors to welcome you all back! Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th will be our reopening weekend, come and celebrate with us with free coffee! We can’t wait to see all your lovely faces again and chat with you on how you’ve been the past few months. We’re also very excited to announce LELE’S has changed a bit. We will be no longer serving our food and brunch menu, but we will be takeaway only. You will still be able to come in, have a coffee and your favourite LELE’S treats to go, but we won’t be able to accommodate you at our tables. Why? Well… The exciting part is that LELE’S is completely focusing on wholesale and cateri

Women in Business: Have a Support Group

Women, have a support group! You might think you’re invincible by yourself, that you don’t need anyone. That couldn’t be more wrong. Building and running a business is hard and it can be a lonely place. Having a support group will be the difference between succeeding and getting burned out. This is general advice, but it’s especially important when starting a business on your own. It will take away a lot of your time and effort. You might be working day and night, weekends even. There’s no day off when you’re the boss and it’s easy to feel overworked. A good way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to schedule a time to see others. I’ve said it before and I will repeat it until I see a change

Don't Step on a Bee Day!

Did you know today is National Don’t Step on a Bee Day? Don’t worry, I didn’t either! It’s a call to help protect our bees and I think it’s also a good excuse to talk about the consumption of honey in veganism. As usual, I am far from lecturing anyone on anything. There’s no such thing as a perfect vegan. I will sound repetitive by now, but for me, doing as much as you can is enough. Once again, I created LELE’S for everyone, not just for vegans. So, let’s talk honey. An interesting article by The Vegan Society affirms that ‘In conventional beekeeping, honey bees are specifically bred to increase productivity. This selective breeding narrows the population gene pool and increases susceptibil

Vegan Fluffy Banana Bread with Peanut Butter

Yes, I did it. I’m one of the crazy amounts of people who went bananasfor Banana Bread (did you get it??). Today, I’m sharing my beloved fluffy banana bread recipe featuring our favourite peanut butter! I know there’s a lot of competition out there for the best banana bread these days. But my confidence knows no boundaries and I’m throwing my recipe at you as well — you’ll be the judge. I recommend not swapping the flour for gluten-free one. It won’t work as well and you’re banana bread will have a hard time staying in shape. However, you can purchase our Banana Bread Mixes for a GF recipe! Ingredients: -400gr of flour -100gr of caster sugar or brown sugar -1 tsp of baking powder -A pinch of

Asian-Style Loaded Vegan Sandwich

Today, we’re doing something a little bit different! We’re making an Asian-style vegan sandwich with boiled potato, portobello mushrooms, and avocado. In our Instagram video, I address the comments about how pretty my food looks. Well, I do that on purpose because I like to eat with my eyes as much as with my mouth! But my recipes want to show you how easy it can be to eat delicious, vegan food. You don’t need to be a chef to make good food, nothing I use in these videos are professional. I just want to inspire you to cook more at home! Also, I encourage you to use food scraps! Don’t throw away anything — this is the perfect recipe for your half-potato leftover or those mushrooms looking a b

Women in Business: Set Up an Accounting System

Next order of business is setting up an accounting system. Scary, isn’t? It’s quite simple, actually, and there are many programs today you can use. Imagine it decades ago, when all the accounting was done in big leather books and small writings. Nowadays, it doesn’t look anything like that. To set up an accounting system for a small business you will need a few essentials. First of all, you will need to keep a record of all your expenses and payments. Keep also your receipts and invoices, always being aware of your tax obligations. Remember when we talked about budgeting? Setting up an accounting system will be of great help. Having one specific place where you keep all your records will be

Sustainable Hacks: How to Make Reusable Cleaning Wipes

Our sustainable hacks are back! I’m pleased to see many of you love learning sustainable ways to clean your house or store food without using plastic. I think it’s always a good card in your sleeve to know DIY methods of doing the most common things. Today, our sustainable hack is how to make reusable cleaning wipes! What You’ll Need Rubbing alcohol, or surgical alcohol (witch hazel could also work) Dishwashing soap Essential oil (lemon would work amazingly) 10 Washcloths (you can make your own by cutting up old rags) A glass jar big enough to contain the washcloths Method After collecting your washcloths, place them all inside the glass jar; In a bowl, mix the alcohol, dishwashing soap and

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