Women in Business: Learn The Legal Requirements

Every business is different, so it’s important you learn the legal requirements specific to that business. If you don’t know where to start, you can always ask for legal advice from a lawyer or someone you know who has been through it. Getting legal advice when starting up a business is not only a good idea, also a way to feel more confident in what you’re doing. Paying taxes, getting hold of the right permits or licenses can be quite daunting. They may even be the reason that’s putting you off following your dreams. It’s time to get over your fears. You’ll find businesses have to uphold to different legal requirements in the UK depending on the type of business you’re running. A few example

10 Minute Prep Vegan Tartlets with Cheese And Tomatoes

Here is a super simple recipe to make the perfect party food, a delicious picnic addition AND a quick and easy lunch for every day. And the best part is, it’s just one recipe! As usual, I like to share with you simple, yummy recipes everyone can make. When I was shooting this recipe, the weather wasn’t that nice and it was weird to think of afternoon in the park eating these delicious tartlets. But now, the sun’s out again and we can all enjoy the summer with yummy vegan food! All the ingredients are customisable to your preferences, of course! Ingredients: -Cherry tomatoes -Vegan strong cheese -Jus-Rol puff pastry -Mustard -Chives or parsley -Olive oil -Salt -Pepper Method: Take the puff pa

10 Minute Prep Vegan Puff Pastry Chocolate Twist

Here it is our latest recipe, perfect for all the sweet tooth out there: vegan puff pastry chocolate twist! I know, it sounds like a tongue twister, but that’s essentially what it is. Super yummy, super easy and definitely a great pick-me-up for those kinds of days. The recipe, of course, includes chocolate, but you could swap it for anything you’d like! Think peanut butter and jam, cinnamon and sugar, even cheese and olive oil for a savoury twist There’s no end to making this swirl super delicious! Let’s crack on! Ingredients: -Plant-based milk -Vegan chocolate spread -Date syrup or maple syrup -Some flour for dusting -Puff pastry block or sheet Method: Leave the puff pastry out of the frid

Women in Business: Don't Quit Your Job!

You have an idea. You have a business plan, a budget, a website; heck, you even have a business card. It’s time to quit your day job and plunge into your new adventure! Right? WRONG! Starting a new business is exciting and I understand you want to dedicate it all the time in the world. But that’s not the wise thing to do, especially without a contingency plan. Keep your day job, maybe go part-time first and try to make it all work together, at least for a while. Is it going to be hard? Yes, I’m not going to lie to you. Juggling different jobs is a job in itself and you’ll need plenty of organisation skills and force of will. It can get stressful and you will want to quit, but if you can push

LELE'S Announces Zero Waste Products

We are so excited to announce that LELE’S goes zero waste with new products! Soon, you’ll be able to purchase LELE’S Vegan Cake Mixes from your local zero waste shop or bulk market — stay tuned to find out more! Our beloved Vegan Cake Mixes become zero waste with completely recyclable packaging available for wholesale in16kg bags. The new package allows the sale of 36 portions, for a recommended retail price of £4.99 per portion. Pre-order our mixes now, please contact us: catering@leleslondon.com Why going zero waste? LELE’S is a vegan business which has always strived to be as sustainable as possible. Creating a zero waste product is a natural step towards our goal of being more environme

10 Minute Prep Vegan Chicken Curry Salad

Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of #cookwithleles! Today, we’re making a delicious 10-minute prep vegan chicken curry salad! I love this recipe because it’s really versatile: you can add croutons and have a chicken Caesar salad, or even turn it into a sandwich! Ingredients: -Tofu, cut in thick slices -Olive oil -Pepper -Salt -Sesame seeds -Curry powder -Rocket -Tomatoes -Vegan mayo -Golden raisins -Lemon (zest and juice) -Coriander or parsley Method: -Put a frying pan on really high heat. -Season the tofu with some olive oil, pepper, salt, sesame seeds, curry powder. Rub the tofu in the seasoning with your hands (even better if you can do this an hour before cooking, leaving i

My Favourite Vegan Meat Brands

You might have heard me saying it before, but there’s a simple reason why I use vegan meat. I liked meat, what I didn’t like was the animal abuse behind it. I went vegan to support the animal right to a decent life, not because I didn’t like meat. Especially being Italian, most of my favourite meals growing up included some kind of meat or cheese. Recently, I shared with you a recipe for vegan polpettone which my mum made with meat. Instead of adding nuts or other wholefoods, I like to replace the meat with vegan meat. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I don’t think it’s anti-vegan to admit I miss the taste of animal products. Of course, I made the choice that an animal’s life i


We might not be able to celebrate properly this year, but I wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY PRIDE MONTH nonetheless! I think being vegan is not just about loving animals, but extending our love to every being on this planet. LELE’S is a place of love and I like to think everyone has always felt at home in our little cafe! One of the reason why I love London is because this city is full of diversity and proud to be so. We’re all unique, different and that’s the beauty of being human. We should always celebrate ourselves for who we are and never be afraid of standing up for our values. 2020 has taken away a lot of things from our lives, but it has also shown us how much love we’re able to shar

Women in Business: Budgeting

The hardest thing to learn when starting a new business is budgeting. We don’t want to think about it, we want to live in the dream that hard work will pay itself. Eventually it will, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a clear idea of the money you have and the expenses you will have to face. Talking money is a taboo topic in our society, for some reason. But don’t be scared, we’ve all learnt how to do it. The most important thing is being realistic and maybe a bit pessimistic. I never recommend thinking of the worst possible scenario, but when starting a business it’s better to be prepared. It will help you work out a contingency plan in case things go sour. Sit down and make a list o

Vegan Sausage Rolls: 10 Minutes Prep Video

Did you know last week it was International Sausage Roll Day? Well, me neither. But it’s a great excuse to watch my latest 10 Minute Prep video when we’re making — you guessed it — vegan sausage rolls! So, let’s talk about this recipe. Vegan sausage rolls are the perfect treat to bring with you to a picnic in the park! As per usual, they’re really easy to make and they’re completely customisable. I will be using certain ingredients, but you can change them with whatever you want. Ingredients: -Cavolo nero, cooked in a little bit of olive oil -Pinto beans, straight from the tin -Lentils, straight from the tin -Tomato paste -Paprika -Extra virgin olive oil -Salt -Toasted sesame seeds, with sal

Our Favourite Vegan Cheese Brands

I don’t know about you, but as a vegan, I am not afraid to use alternatives in the kitchen, like this yummy quiche I made with vegan cheese! Vegan mock meats and vegan cheese are always available at my house and I use them often at LELE’S too. And even though I still haven’t found the perfect replacement for mozzarella (I honestly doubt it exists, really), I do have my favourite vegan cheese brands. Here, I am sharing them with you. Violife Violifeis probably the most common vegan cheese brand out there. They’re range keeps expanding and I’m always finding a new product at the supermarket. I’m sure your local grocery shop has it and because they have so many options, you can always find the

Can You Feed Your Dog Vegan Food?

One of the reasons why people go vegan is the proven positive effect it has on the environment. Eating a predominantly vegan diet is one of the biggest changes you could do to live a more sustainable life. It’s a diet that could save lives and even cut global warming, with food production being responsible for a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and livestock covering 30% of it. So, let’s say you’ve decided to change your lifestyle and lessen the consumption of animal products — what about your pet? Can you feed your dog vegan food too? The environmental impact of pet food is maybe as bad as human’s. It’s been revealed that pet food is responsible for up to a quarter of the imp

5 Minute Prep Vegan Miso Cookies

STOP EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING. I got the best treat-yourself-recipe for you! I posted it just before my birthday in May, so excuse me if all I was thinking about was some sugary, delicious, easy-to-make cookies… Don’t know if you noticed this, but weighing ingredients is not really my forte. And I’m not going to start now. These cookies are the best because you don’t even need a scale to make them! You’ll just need your head, your eyes and your hands to make these cookies work for you. The main ingredients will be peanut butter and miso paste. Plus, this recipe will be gluten free to cater most of the people watching the live cooking-with-me (tune in every Monday if you want to participate!),

Women In Business: Stop Making Excuses

‘I don’t have enough time’ ‘My day job makes me too tired to do anything else’ ‘Who would care, really?’ ‘I don’t even know where to start’ ‘I’ll do it. I promise I will start on Monday’ How many times did you find yourself saying any of these sentences? Well, stop making excuses. Because that’s what they are — just excuses. Who benefits from them? No one. You’re killing your own dreams. Why? Because you convince yourself you don’t have time or your idea is not really that good. I am here to tell you that it is a good idea and you should start now. Not next Monday, not as soon as you have a day off, because you won’t do it then either. So might as well start now. Open a doc file and start wr

Be Vegan Your Own Way!

I’ve talked before about how becoming vegan changed other aspects of my life. I try to be more sustainable, from researching into the impact of denim production to finding ways to make my own cleaning products. But this is just what I’ve experienced, it doesn’t mean it has to be the same for you. Starting out on your vegan journey is a very personal thing. You may have different reasons why you’re doing it and it’s really no one’s business to ask. What we eat is such a delicate topic that I don’t blame anyone for ‘hiding’ to be vegan. As an Italian, I know how important food is to a culture and it can be quite a big decision to change the way you eat. As I shared some tips on how to talk abo

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