Lele's creamy Mac & Cheese

Did you miss us on stage at Vegan Life Live? Fear not, here is the recipe! I love a good mac & cheese, who doesn't?! Here is a simple, easy recipe to make a delicious vegan mac & cheese full of flavours. You can follow the instructions or swap some of the vegetables for your favourites ones. Here we are using broccoli (yummy!), however a few weeks back we were on stage at Vegan Food Living and we used kale and cherry tomatoes instead! Just remember to shop what’s in season to keep the cost down and eat healthily. What you need: it serves up to 8 people 1 finely chopped onion (I use a red onion) 4 tsp of smoked paprika 3 tsp of turmeric 3 tsp of oregano 30ml of garlic oil 150g of broccoli 4 t

Hi, I'm Valentina and this is Zz.

I create simple, rustic looking recipes that require very little time and ingredients to make

- good food for everyone to enjoy.


Everything you will see here is vegan and made from scratch.

Zz gets to try every dish and approves what goes on the blog!


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Kim Burrows