My "Easy Steps To Being Vegan" Guide

Happy new year everyone, I hope you had a great start to the year and look forward to the many surprises to come. Many of you might know by now that in January you have the opportunity to sign up to Veganuary, a pledge run by a great charity inspiring people to try vegan for January and throughout the rest of the year. You can read more about them here, you will find plenty of resources on how to plan your meals, where to eat and so on. January is usually the month for change, going to the gym, being healthy, cutting drinking and so on - so what a better opportunity to try eating vegan food for a whole month. This is the perfect way to eat more veggies, stay healthy and why not maybe even l

Hi, I'm Valentina and this is Zz.

I create simple, rustic looking recipes that require very little time and ingredients to make

- good food for everyone to enjoy.


Everything you will see here is vegan and made from scratch.

Zz gets to try every dish and approves what goes on the blog!


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