Super Easy Double Chocolate Cookies

I love chocolate chips cookies, in fact I love cookies in general. What I really like about them is that it takes minutes to prep them and they’re even quicker to cook. It also helps that they’re super yummy both warm and cold and I never feel guilty when I have one too many… not that you should ever feel guilty for rewarding yourself with some sweet delights! Cookies really make everyone happy, both children and grownups. This week I used this recipe to make some for a friend of mine - she wasn’t feeling very well due to some stressful changes in her work place and I wanted to make something for her. When I bake goods to give away I always put my love there as that is my way to say thank yo

Vegan Beetroot Crepes

Last week I had a massive craving for crepes and started making some for my afternoon snack… the idea was to make some sweet ones and fill them up with chocolate spread but then (I am not sure why!) I really wanted to have something more substantial, and fancied a wrap but I didn’t have any knocking around, so I thought why don’t I make some savoury crepes? And so I came up with this simple and easy to make recipe using just a few ingredients like beetroot and buckwheat flour - which makes the crepes naturally gluten free. Seriously, give it a go, it’s really quick and easy to make and you can use the crepes in different ways, perhaps like I did here turning them into wraps! I filled them up

A great picnic starts with a great sandwich!

I love a picnic - I mean who doesn't? Spending the day outdoor with friends and doggies can't never be boring! One thing I love about meeting friends at the park is to eat together, I like to cook lots of nice little bits that you can pick at throughout the whole day, so yeah basically spending the day eating and chatting ;-) On Sunday I am having a little get together in our garden and have been thinking about easy things to prepare that everyone can enjoy, yummy food that can be served cold and still be nice - so I thought I should share with everyone, in case you are planning an outdoor lunch soon! Despite reports of our summer already being over I’m confident the nice weather will become

Hi, I'm Valentina and this is Zz.

I create simple, rustic looking recipes that require very little time and ingredients to make

- good food for everyone to enjoy.


Everything you will see here is vegan and made from scratch.

Zz gets to try every dish and approves what goes on the blog!


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