My seasonal super food salad

Whenever I have a day off I like to go for a stroll with Zz and check local farm markets and grocery stores. I am very lucky as where we live there are plenty of shops where I can buy lovely organic vegetables, and even a weekly farm market. Nowadays with mass production it can be difficult to know how a specific product has been produced, check its provenance and quality, so it seem an easy solution to buy organic, but this isn't always affordable and it can be tricky with companies and stores often charging high prices. How do we tackle the problem? I personally focus on quality rather than quantity, so I will balance my meals with cheap ingredients like pasta and rice and then add some lo

Why are aubergines good for you?

I have always been a curious person and wanted to learn new things, and when becoming a vegan chef I wanted to make sure I got my protein, vitamins and minerals right and so I have started reading and researching a lot about veggies, fruits and seeds. I recently discovered that one of my favourite ever vegetables is great for our body and I couldn’t be more happy! I am talking about Aubergines, which are an exceptional source of dietary fibre, a good source of vitamins B1 and B6 and potassium. If this wasn’t enough they are also high in the minerals copper, magnesium and manganese. Aubergines are rich in antioxidants, specifically nasunin found in aubergine skin - which gives it its purple

Indulgent Vegan Rocky Road

This is one of my fav recipes ever! I absolutely love rocky road, if I ever feel a bit blue or need of a dose of pure indulgence then this is what I make to treat myself! I discovered it in Starbucks, yes go ahead and have a laugh :-) we don’t have it in Italy so my first encounter with this sweet was in 2004, and it was love at first sight! Now that I’m vegan I’ve tried a lot of different recipes to make them as I like - really chocolatey and soft in the middle - and eventually came up with this one. I hope you find the recipe easy to make and the results super tasty! This recipe is perfect is you’re going to a party and want to bring something that makes everyone happy, especially kids’ p

Hi, I'm Valentina and this is Zz.

I create simple, rustic looking recipes that require very little time and ingredients to make

- good food for everyone to enjoy.


Everything you will see here is vegan and made from scratch.

Zz gets to try every dish and approves what goes on the blog!


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