Seeds and Nut Mixes

Growing up I was always told to “eat my greens” by my mum. She was a big one for making sure that I had plenty of vegetables and fruits on my plate so broccoli and cauliflower were staples in my diet as well as a wide range of vegetables - as you can tell I’ve always been a big fan of eating plants. So when I went vegan I didn’t have any problems with giving up meat and fish - they weren’t a big part of my diet anyway - but giving up cheese was a different matter. In fact, It was a catastrophe! It’s a common fear for people when they think about going vegan - the most commonly heard phrase is “but how do you cope without cheese?!” I used to put cheese on EVERYTHING - pasta, salads, soup you

Vegan Blueberry Loaf

Spring is in the air (we can definitely feel it!) and I can tell you there’s nothing that reminds me more of the new season than baking a beautiful blueberry loaf. It instantly puts a smile on my face making me think of those sunny days when the flowers blossom and you can’t wait to get outside at any opportunity you have for a little walk. I started messing around with this recipe in my little Hackney kitchen one spring a few years ago when i hadn’t yet turned vegan although i had been dairy free for a long time. I was trying to make a cake to share with my work colleagues and after numerous attempts i finally came up with the right doses for the loaf - this recipe has been my go to ever si

The Best Vegan Pancakes

Pancake Day may be a tradition over here in the UK but growing up in Italy you don't get many opportunities to eat pancakes and we definitely don't have a day to celebrate them. I remember seeing pancakes on the TV in movies and cartoons and thinking: WOW what is that? I moved to London permanently in 2009 and when my mum came to visit for the first time I knew I had to take her to The Breakfast Club where we could both try pancaked for the first time. I remember the joy of discovering the fluffiness of the pancake dough mixed with the sweet taste; how had it taken me over 20 years to experience this. I was addicted! That one sitting was all it took to get me hooked on pancakes and I was ins

Hi, I'm Valentina and this is Zz.

I create simple, rustic looking recipes that require very little time and ingredients to make

- good food for everyone to enjoy.


Everything you will see here is vegan and made from scratch.

Zz gets to try every dish and approves what goes on the blog!


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